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沙文 2007/9/22 01:27
Cleric From Darien Admits Stealing Church's Money

NEW HAVEN - A former Darien pastor pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of church money by setting up secret bank accounts to pay for a life of luxury, including traveling around the world and buying a condominium.
The Rev. Michael Jude Fay, who resigned last year as pastor of St. John Roman Catholic Church, pleaded guilty in federal court to interstate transportation of money obtained by fraud. He set up hidden accounts that he called the Bridget Fund and the Don Bosco account to commit the fraud.
"A religious leader who secretly uses contributions made to a church for his own personal benefit destroys the confidence and trust of everyone who donates money to a religious institution or charity," said U.S. Attorney Kevin O'Connor.  "Prosecutions of this kind of serious criminal conduct should serve as a message that no one is above the law."
Investigators working for the Bridgeport Diocese last year said that Fay, 56, used church money for limousines, stays at top hotels around the world, jewelry and clothing from Italy. He also bought a condominium in Florida with another man. Federal investigators said that Fay also spent money to buy a condominium in Philadelphia.
Prosecutors said that Fay took between $1 million and $2.5 million over seven years, but the priest has disputed that estimate. He admitted to taking between $400,000 and $1 million.
Fay, dressed in a dark suit with a bandage on his hand, said that he has undergone chemotherapy for prostate cancer but learned Wednesday that the treatment was not working.
"It's my understanding, your honor, that I used church monies, parish monies for means and for needs other than means and needs of the parish or the parishioners of the parish," Fay said. "My understanding is that it's by fraud."
The Bridgeport Diocese last year released its investigators' report on the priest's lavish lifestyle.
Bridgeport Bishop William Lori, who ordered the investigation by Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, said that he was shocked and angered by the findings.
Lori has faced criticism for his handling of the scandal, especially when it emerged that another priest and the church bookkeeper had hired a private investigator to look into Fay. The pair said they decided to hire the investigator after they met with Lori, and Fay was not removed, according to the report.
Lori said that after he was made aware of potential financial misconduct, he took swift action to stop Fay from using church credit cards, notified civil authorities and forced his resignation.
The church report, which was limited to the past six years, calculated the "potential financial loss" at $1.4 million.
Fay, pastor since 1991, told church officials that the money was used to help needy parishioners and for other legitimate church-related expenses. The report acknowledged that some of the money might have been used for legitimate expenses, but said that Fay failed to document his claims.
Fay also charged $500 fees when he gave lectures.
Fay spent tens of thousands of dollars on home furnishings and meals and more than $20,000 to mark the 25th anniversary of his ordination, according to the church report.
He faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine when he is sentenced on Dec. 4. He also must make restitution. Fay was released on $50,000 bond.
沙文 2007/9/22 21:26
Saturday, September 22, 2007
By Tommy Witherspoon

Less than a week before Kari Lynn Baker’s death, she found crushed pills in her husband’s briefcase and confided to a friend that she thought Matt Baker was trying to kill her, the close friend said Friday.
“She was kind of panicked about the whole situation when she found those crushed pills. No. Really, she was a lot panicked,” Shae Dickey, who taught with Kari Baker at Spring Valley Elementary School in Hewitt, told the Tribune-Herald. “She suspected that he was having an affair, and she told me she thought he was trying to kill her.”
Those fears are included in the affidavit filed locally Friday to support Matt Baker’s arrest. By sundown, the 36-year-old former Central Texas pastor had turned himself in to authorities at the Kerr County Jail.
Since Kari Baker’s death April 8, 2006, — initially ruled suicide by overdose — Dickey says she has replayed her conversation with Kari many times in her head, including her friend’s worries concerning her husband.
“And every time I play it back, I wish I would have done something differently,” Dickey said. “I wish I would have told someone.”
Dickey said Friday she wasn’t surprised to learn that Hewitt police investigator Ben Toombs and Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon had obtained a warrant for Matt Baker’s arrest, charging him with murdering Kari Baker, the 31-year-old mother of his two daughters, and making it appear as though she killed herself with a lethal cocktail of sleeping pills and alcohol.
Like others who knew her, Dickey said she never believed Kari Baker killed herself.
Matt Baker, former pastor of the 75-member Crossroads Baptist Church near Lorena and former chaplain at the Waco Center for Youth, has since moved with his two girls to Kerrville, where his parents live. He has been working as a substitute teacher and a church youth minister, officials say.
Baker surrendered himself at the Kerr County Jail at 4:20 p.m. Authorities will bring Baker back to McLennan County Jail, where bond will be set. His daughters remain with his parents in Kerr County, officials said.
The arrest warrant affidavit Toombs filed alleges that Matt Baker used an over-the-counter sleep medication and alcohol on his wife to “render her defenseless,” then used a pillow or another object to suffocate her.
Baker’s attorneys, Gerald Villarrial and James Rainey, said they advised Baker to turn himself in at the Kerr County Jail.
“We can’t make any comment because we don’t know anything right now,” Rainey said Friday afternoon before Baker’s arrest. “We are just going to have to wait until after they arrest our client to find out what happened and then determine the next course of action.”

Keeping steady pressure
Kari Baker’s parents, Linda and James Dulin, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baker in July 2006, alleging he killed her and made her death appear to be a suicide. They have kept steady pressure on Hewitt police officials to keep investigating their daughter’s death and elicited the help of the Texas Rangers in their quest.
“My husband and I have been waiting for this day for a year and a half,” Linda Dulin said. “We always believed that we would see this happen. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon. This guy makes Chuck Norris look like a wimp. I truly think this is a man of honor and courage, and he truly moved a couple of mountains to make this happen.”
She declined comment when asked about the efforts of Hewitt Police Department investigators, with whom Justice of the Peace Billy Martin conferred before declaring Kari Baker’s death a suicide. Only this week did Judge Martin, following an inquest, change his ruling in the death from suicide to undetermined.
Toombs acknowledged Friday that much of the new evidence that led to his seeking the arrest warrant came from the investigative efforts of Cawthon and the Dulins’ civil litigation team, headed by Waco attorney Bill Johnston, a former federal prosecutor.
“We appreciate the work of the Rangers and others that resulted in this arrest and we also appreciate Judge Martin’s cooperation in the inquest and today,” Johnston said.
Dickey said she doubted that her friend committed suicide because “of our conversations about family and her spiritual life.”
She said they talked of their children and the upcoming school year, adding that Baker had interviewed for a new job a short time before her death and was eager to face a new challenge.
“She was always looking forward,” Dickey said. “She was charged up about the possibility of a new job teaching language arts at the middle school because she just had a passion for writing and she wanted to go to the next level.”
Toombs’ arrest complaint alleges that phone records indicated that Matt Baker called another woman on “dozens of occasions” between January and March 2006, adding that they were seen shopping for engagement rings within days of Kari Baker’s death.
An inspection of Matt Baker’s computer at the Waco Center for Youth showed that he had viewed Internet sites about drug overdoses with prescription drugs. On March 9, 2006, Baker conducted a computer search for “overdose by sleeping pill,” according to the sworn statement.
Baker also visited other Internet sites such as “SecureRXCart,” which authorities believe he used to buy prescription medication.
After Kari Baker confronted her husband about finding crushed pills in his briefcase, the affidavit alleges Matt Baker told her that youths from the Waco Center for Youth must have put them in his briefcase. Matt Baker reportedly told police investigators later that his wife must have hidden the pills there, police allege.
Other allegations included in the complaint revealed there was an abrasion on Kari Baker’s nose and bruises on her lips, possibly indicating that a pillow or other object was placed over her face to suffocate her.

Evidence reviewed
Also, forensic experts from Tennessee and Oklahoma, who have been hired by the Dulins to review evidence for their civil lawsuit, agree the timeline Matt Baker gave for his activities the night he discovered his wife’s body are contradicted by physical evidence, including lividity, or the time it takes for blood to pool in the lower extremities of a dead body.
Besides Dickey, Kari Baker reportedly told a counselor in April 2006 that she thought Baker was having an affair and that she believed he was going to kill her after she found the pills in his briefcase, according to the affidavit.
Investigators also learned that Baker reportedly switched computers with his secretary at the Waco Center For Youth when he learned police had a warrant to inspect the one he had been using.
“The defendant even switched inventory labels on the computers in an effort to disguise the computer switch,” Toombs alleged in the complaint.
Later, the computer in his secretary’s office “went missing” on a state holiday when the offices were closed.
One employee at work that day remembered seeing Baker in the office area, the report states.

沙文 2007/10/13 14:04
5:00AM Saturday September 22, 2007

A Christian former camp leader robbed boys of their innocence and grossly abused his position of trust when he sexually abused them over a 14-year period, a court has heard.
Neville Cyril Collins, 44, was yesterday sentenced to 11 years in prison for abuse of six boys between 1984 and 1998.
The victims were aged 11 to 16 when Collins abused them at Boys' Brigade and Exercise Novice Warrior camps in Auckland and other places in the North Island.
Trusted by the boys' parents and considered a "father figure" to some of the victims, he also abused them in their homes and his home.
Three of the victims were at the High Court at Rotorua for the sentencing and excerpts of their victim impact statements were read out.
"He took from me my innocence, my trust and confidence in all areas of my life," one victim wrote. "I have lived with this for 21 years - the pain, the guilt, feeling dirty, the anger and embarrassment - all this time."
Another victim said Collins had taken away his dignity.
"When he sodomised me, I simply had no say in the matter. It was forced on me. I was violated [and] the physical pain I endured was excruciating."
Collins was earlier found guilty of 37 charges, including six counts of sexual violation and 25 of indecent assault. Some of the charges were representative, meaning they covered at least one incident of abuse in a specified period.
The married father of two, who the court heard was a committed Christian, faced a maximum of 20 years in prison and wept as Justice Pamela Andrews delivered his sentence.
Earlier, Collins had written the judge a letter, saying he had been in denial about his actions but now accepted his offending and was remorseful. He offered his apologies to the victims and his family, and expressed a desire to change.
But Justice Andrews said the admission came at the "12th or 13th" hour and only after his victims had to testify in court and endure "the ultimate insult" of being called liars by Collins.
She said the harm caused by the abuse was significant, and Collins used his position as a leader and someone the boys looked up to for premeditated offending.
"You abused the trust imposed on you very grossly ... Yours was serious, prolonged, and predatory sexual offending involving six vulnerable victims."
The judge found no mitigating factors, although Collins' lawyer, Matthew Ward-Johnson, argued his client was of otherwise good character and had given much time to the community.
He said Collins had been sexually abused as a child and had not offended since 1998.
But Crown prosecutor Rob Ronayne said that coincided with the date the first victim went to police and, in the years since, Collins had continually denied any wrongdoing.
"He has secured his freedom for nine years, leaving the victims to ponder their blighted lives without any form of justice to them."
Step.King 2007/10/14 23:19
傳道人非禮女教友囚40月   http://hk.news.yahoo.com/061031/12/1viku.html
(星島) 11月 01日 星期三 03:30AM







沙文 2007/10/17 21:47
13:48:53 - 17 October 2007

A Samaritan Church Pastor who was caught pants down by his wife raping a mentally ill woman in a bush was on Monday starting a seven-year jail term with hard labour.
Robert Masamba of Kanfosi Village T/A Katunga in Chikwawa was arrested by police last week and charged with defiling an imbecile.
Chikwawa First Grade Magistrate was told that it was not the first time the preacher man had lured the 35-year-old woman into sex. The woman is now pregnant.
“The suspect admitted the charge and revealed that he had sleept with the victim for three times this year alone,” said Chikwawa Police spokesperson Sunday Ngulube.
In passing judgement, Magistrate Stansfield Ngwale said an offence of this nature attracts a maximum penalty of 14 years and that the court had been lenient with the pastor since he was a first offender.
“This punishment should set as an example to all the defilers especially those who take advantage of the mentally disturbed,” said Ngwale.
According to Ngulube the suspects’ wife came upon the two as she was passing through the bush.
Ngulube said the pastor’s wife then severely assaulted the victim with a stick on the head. She sustained heavy injuries and had to be rushed to Chikwawa District Hospital.
“The hospital examination revealed that penetration had indeed taken place and that she was also pregnant,” Ngulube said.
Portland Pastor Arrested On Rape Charges
16 October 2007

ORTLAND, Ore. -- A Portland pastor accused of rape was arrested Monday at his home in Ridgefield, Wash.

Police said they linked Sergio Alvarizares, 38, to the sexual assault of eight women who are associated with his church.
Officers responded to the Casa Del Padre Church on Northeast Alberta Street on a disturbance call last month. When police arrived, they found several members of the church arguing with Alvarizares about allegations of improper sexual contact, according to the Portland Police Bureau.
Later that night, six women reported sexual assault to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. Two more alleged victims have been identified since the initial reports.
The Casa Del Padre Church primarily serves Portland's Spanish-speaking population.
Alvarizares is facing one count of first-degree rape, two counts of first-degree attempted rape and 10 counts of first-degree sex abuse. He was booked into the Clark County Jail Monday and signed a waiver for extradition.
He is expected to be moved to the Multnomah County Jail sometime in the next two weeks.
Detectives are still investigating the case. Anyone with information is asked to call 503-823-0453.
沙文 2007/10/18 17:55
October 17, 2007
BRADFORD - The former music director of the Bradford Baptist Church was arrested after police say he raped a 13-year-old boy.
On Oct. 16, 2007, White County Sheriff's Detectives arrested Timothy Dean Clark, 38, of Bradford for rape, a class Y felony.
The sheriff's department was contacted by investigators with the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Thursday and began assisting that agency at that time. At approximately 5 p.m., Clark met with the DHHS investigators and sheriff's detectives at the White County Law Enforcement Center and provided a statement.
The investigation has lead authorities to believe that Clark has engaged in sexual activity with the victim. Shortly after being interviewed by detectives, he was booked into the White County Detention Center and remains under a $100,000 bond. His court date is Dec. 4.
Police chief Josh Chambliss said an investigation is ongoing into Clark's activities.
“We are looking into some things done on a computer,” Chambliss said.
At this time, rumors of additional charges are false, Chambliss said.
Chambliss said Bradford Baptist Church issued a press release that said on Oct. 10 Clark gave a written resignation as Minister of Music and Outreach. The resignation was accepted at the church business meeting Oct. 14, the statement said.
“We want to make it clear his outreach ministry focused on adults and he was not our youth minister,” the statement said, as read by Chambliss to The Daily Citizen over the phone. “After his resignation, serious allegations of criminal activity began to be investigated by the State of Arkansas, the White County Sheriff's Department and the Bradford Police Department. We have sought to fully cooperate with the authorities in this ongoing investigation.
“As a church body, we are deeply shocked and saddened by this turn of events. We want it known that our sympathy is extended to the Clark family and our prayers are being offered daily.”
沙文 2007/10/26 05:54
事隔21年 兩年前再侵犯兩人         2007年10月26日





抽刀斷水 2007/10/26 12:56

2007年10月26日 HKT: 10:400




http://www.hkheadline.com/news/i ... 20071026a104208.asp
抽刀斷水 2007/11/14 22:42
天 主 教 會 再 被 揭 發 有 神 職 人 員 狎 玩 兒 童 , 但 這 次 涉 案 的 不 是 神 父 , 而 是 修 女 。 美 國 密 爾 沃 基 ( Milwaukee ) 縣 一 名 修 女 被 指 在 1960 年 代 , 多 次 在 修 院 和 一 間 由 她 擔 任 校 長 的 學 校 內 , 與 兩 名 男 學 生 發 生 性 行 為 , 她 前 日 ( 周 一 ) 出 庭 應 訊 時 選 擇 不 抗 辯 。

美 國 修 女 詹 尼 尼 被 控 在 1960 年 代 性 侵 犯 男 童 , 小 圖 為 她 30 多 歲 犯 案 時 的 樣 貌 。

沙文 2007/11/21 05:36
今日晚報 2007.11.19 中央社
http://news.chinatimes.com/2007C ... 7Cti-News-Content/0,4521,130504+132007111901039,00.html
沙文 2007/11/23 12:18

Canada's senior Catholic apologizes for sins
November 22, 2007

MONTREAL -- Canada's senior Roman Catholic clergyman has issued a sweeping apology for the church's historical sins in Quebec, trying to rehabilitate the institution's image just as debate rages in the province over religion and identity.
Cardinal Marc Ouellet, archbishop of Quebec City and primate of Canada, admitted that some Catholics' narrow-minded attitudes in the past bred anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination against women and homosexuals.
The cardinal's mea culpa, expressed in a letter to newspapers in the province, also recognized that priests sexually abused children and scolded women for not bearing more children.
"These scandals shook the confidence of the people toward religious authorities, and we understand that," Cardinal Ouellet wrote. "Forgive us for all this harm!"
While some called the cardinal's apology both unprecedented and courageous, the act of repentance by a religious leader known for his conservative views was also met by widespread skepticism. Cardinal Ouellet has faced heavy criticism since telling Quebec's Bouchard-Taylor commission on reasonable accommodation last month that "secular fundamentalism" had contributed to current social ills there.
Still, his words generated extensive coverage in the province, where church leaders rarely make news.
Gays, women and orphans abused by the church said the cardinal didn't go far enough, and many took him to task for acknowledging the church's past errors - mistakes made before 1960 - while remaining silent on present church doctrine.
"You can't recognize the errors of the past if you don't commit to changing the present," said Michèle Asselin, president of the Quebec Federation of Women.
The church still shows no openness to contraception, gay unions, or women in the priesthood, she said. "As long as women can't occupy the same positions as men, we have to recognize there's still discrimination within the Catholic Church."
Observers say the cardinal decided to issue the personal apology after his comments to the travelling Bouchard-Taylor commission generated so much criticism. Some also say he's trying to reposition the church, which has largely fallen out of favour in the secular province.
"He's trying to get closer to people but he doesn't know how," said Rev. Raymond Gravel, a maverick Catholic priest who supports gay marriage and is a Bloc Québécois MP. "But neither could he do a 180-degree turn within three weeks. So he started slow by saying that he recognized the shortcomings of the past."

But like others, Father Gravel noted that Cardinal Ouellet stopped short of addressing current criticism of the Catholic church.
"I don't doubt he is sincere but maybe he's disconnected from real life."
Cardinal Ouellet's missive was drafted without consulting the Quebec Bishops' Conference (even though the cardinal made a point of signing his text with a mention that he is primate of Canada, the honorary senior church leader). Some see it as a sign he's ready to act independently, without consulting colleagues.
"He's not reluctant to carve out a position and talk in public about these issues," said Daniel Cere, a professor of religion and public policy at McGill University. "He seems to be a bit of a Lone Ranger."
The letter marked a remarkable turnaround for a man seen as a traditionalist and who used his first homily after his 2003 installation as archbishop to chastise Quebeckers for failing to appreciate their Catholic heritage.
Cardinal Ouellet had also spoken out against the influence of the news media, the "Marxist" approach of school teachers and the importance of traditional marriages.
He stayed on his traditionalist message before the Bouchard-Taylor commission, linking Quebec's problems to "the spiritual vacuum created by the religious and cultural breakdown."
The remarks garnered little sympathy from Quebec's opinion makers. One columnist called him "the Catholic Imam." Former trade union leader Gérald Larose said the cardinal's ideas were "totalitarian, hegemonic and predating modernity."
Still, observers say yesterday's apology, an attempt to return Quebeckers to their Catholic roots, was far-reaching for such a senior church leader.
"An admission of sin is always a serious moment," Prof. Cere said. "Maybe the church is taking some responsibility and saying, 'We've lost credibility because we have sinned.' Part of getting your act back together is a classic Catholic pattern of admission of wrongdoing."
"The pain is in the church itself," Prof. Cere said, "and Cardinal Ouellet is a voice that is trying to speak to the pain instead of just talk the happy talk."
http://www.theglobeandmail.com/s ... 22/TPStory/National

http://communities.canada.com/na ... lics-of-quebec.aspx
沙文 2007/12/30 21:28
Ex-pastor sent to prison after claiming abuse victim harassed him
A retired pastor from Canada was sentenced to three years in prison today after telling a McHenry County judge he was sexually harassed by the 4-year-old Lake in the Hills girl he pleaded guilty to molesting.
Kenneth R. Cooke, 73, appeared to have reasonable chance at a probation sentence given his age, health problems and lack of criminal history heading into his sentencing hearing this afternoon.
But the Calgary man who once headed his own ministry likely blew his chance of avoiding prison when he took the witness stand and painted his pre-school age victim as a sexual aggressor.
"On a couple of occasions I felt I was sexually harassed," Cooke said. "I think there is psychological evidence that children even in their younger years can become interested in sex."
He later said he did nothing inappropriate to the girl, but pleaded guilty two months ago to avoid putting his family through a trial.
Judge Joseph Condon responded harshly, telling Cooke his statements show that he has no remorse and is a threat to young children.
"That just boggles my mind," Condon said. "It is my opinion that you have a significant problem, and that other 4-year-olds have a significant problem (around you). What I'm about to do is necessary for the protection of the public."
Cooke pleaded guilty in October to one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse stemming from allegations he fondled the girl in the summer of 2003 while he was visiting family in Lake in the Hills. The girl was not a family member.
Although indicted in January 2004, Cooke refused extradition back to the United States, setting up a 3 1/2-year legal battle than ended when a Canadian court in June denied his final appeal. Cooke surrendered to American authorities shortly after the ruling.
The girl's mother read a statement before Cooke's sentencing saying that both her daughter and her entire family continue to suffer as a result of the former preacher's actions. The girl, she said, has gotten into trouble at school for acting out sexually and has difficult making friends.
"She has stated on many occasions she is a bad person and wishes she had never been born," the girl's mother said. "You can't imagine how hard it is to hear that from your own child.
"This crime has been an emotional and psychological drain on my entire family and I don't see any end in sight for us."
County prosecutors had asked for the maximum seven-year sentence for Cooke, calling his remarks "disgusting and despicable."
"It's sickening and shows this court the defendant is not taking any responsibility for his actions," Assistant McHenry County State's Attorney Sharyl Eisenstein said.
Cooke likely will receive day-for-day credit while imprisoned, meaning he could receive parole in 18 months or less.
Miniature-train owner indicted on sex charges

A Keller miniature train enthusiast accused of sexually abusing young children during parties at his home was indicted this week on 12 charges, authorities said.
Clinton Don Simpson, 65, has been free on bail since Dec. 19, after a judge reduced his total bail from $1.65 million to $305,000, said Alana Minton, chief prosecutor for the Tarrant County district attorney's office crimes against children unit.
As a condition of his bail, Simpson must wear an ankle monitor and is confined to his home except for approved outings, Minton said. He is also restricted from being around children, Minton said.
The charges Simpson faces nine charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child by threat and three charges of indecency with a child by fondling, according to court records.
Aggravated sexual assault of a child is a first-degree felony punishable by up to life in prison and a $10,000 fine. Indecency with a child is a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
Minton said the grand jury returned indictments on all the counts that prosecutors put before them.
Keller police had served Simpson with 17 arrest warrants in connection with 12 accusers.
Minton said that no further court dates have been set and that a trial is "a long way off."

Case background, 10B
A Tarrant County grand jury indicted Clinton Don Simpson, 65, of Keller this week on nine charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child, a first-degree felony, and three charges of indecency with a child, a second-degree felony. More on the indictment, 1B
Investigation background
Police began investigating Simpson on Oct. 7 after a 3-year-old girl said he touched her inappropriately during a birthday party at Mr. Don's Whistle Stop, a miniature train park he operated in his back yard.
Simpson, a semiretired minister and graphic artist, had built the trains, which ran on more than a quarter-mile of track through his back yard, including over a bridge and through a tunnel. The Whistle Stop was a favorite spot for children's parties for years.
At the beginning of the investigation, Simpson gave police a statement in which he admitted touching the girl and others, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.
Simpson's attorney has said the statement was coerced and given after an "emotional breakdown." Simpson has spent time under suicide watch, the attorney said.
When word of the investigation surfaced, Keller police received more than 200 calls from concerned parents.
Specialists spent weeks interviewing more than two dozen children.
The cases that went forward were based on the word of 11 girls and one boy, all between 3 and 9 years old, police have said.
Civil litigation
In November, the parents of two sisters who accused Simpson filed a civil suit against him in Tarrant County District Court.
The family belonged to Haslet Church of Christ, where Simpson was pastor, the suit states.
沙文 2007/12/30 21:32
Cold Spring pastor arrested on gun charges
COLD SPRING - A pastor at a Cold Spring church was arrested on two counts of carrying a concealed weapon on Christmas Eve.
According to the Cold Spring Police Department, Johnny R. Coleman, 1069 Parkside Drive, Alexandria, the pastor of Christ Baptist Church in Cold Spring, was arrested after police found him at 12:30 p.m. with a loaded Glock 9mm handgun and a loaded .25 caliber handgun, in a briefcase at the Mr. Spotless Car Wash in Cold Spring.
Cold Spring Police Chief Ed Burk III confirmed Coleman is a pastor at the church.
According to the police report, Coleman told an officer he was in line for a car wash when he was cut off by another person. According the report, "Mr. Coleman stated he told the victim someone could get shot over this."
The person who allegedly cut Coleman off told police he believed he saw Coleman loading the hand gun, according to the police report
Coleman was arrested and taken to the Campbell County Detention Center and released the same day on his own recognizance.
Coleman could not immediately be reached for comment.
A woman who answered the phone at Christ Baptist Church, who declined to give her name, said Coleman was out of town for the holidays.
Christ Baptist Church was started in 2004 by former members of First Baptist Church of Cold Spring after suspicions arose that church money had been used improperly by former pastor Larry Davis.
Minister of music arrested on assault charges no longer with church
ARAPAHOE COUNTY – The Heritage Christian Center says its minister of music is no longer employed by the church.
Police arrested 38-year-old James Brown at a home in Arapahoe County Thursday morning on charges of sexual assault on a child. They say the alleged assault happened at the home.
Friday evening, Garret Leonard, the Executive Pastor at Heritage Christian Center sent 9NEWS the following statement: "Effective immediately Mr. Brown has been relieved from all of his duties at Heritage Christian Center. We will assess the situation as more details become available. We will continue to pray for all parties involved in this situation."
Brown is being held on a $50,000 bond. He's set to appear in court Monday at 9:30 a.m. His case was delayed because of a medical hold.
匿名 2008/1/3 05:30
so preachers aren't inicent
沙文 2008/1/3 05:48
Definitely, they aren't innocent too. If that is what you're trying to say.
沙文 2008/1/13 06:23
Pastor guilty of sexual assault
Man, 59, who charged $150 for black magic baths fathered child with young woman he had treated
  Jan 11, 2008 04:30 AM
Peter Small
Courts Bureau

A pastor has been convicted of sexually assaulting a parishioner to whom he gave healing baths and naked rubdowns to rid her of evil spirits.
At the same time, a jury of nine men and three women acquitted Rev. Frank Seeko Lawrence of separate counts of assaulting and threatening to kill the woman, now 29, by whom he fathered a child.
They also found him not guilty of sexually assaulting a second woman, now 45, who also had his baby.
It took the jury three days to come to its verdict. At least a dozen of the 59-year-old pastor's followers and friends waited in the courthouse hallway throughout.
Lawrence admitted in 2005 family court documents to having nine other children, age 8 to 22, by four other mothers, whom he supported on an income of $19,600 a month.
Prosecutor Paul Zambonini, who told the jury that in law there cannot be consensual sex between two people when one is in a position of power, trust, or authority, later praised them for their hard work.
At the time of the sex assault, Lawrence ran his Toronto Mount Zion Revival Church of the Apostles out of the basement of his home.
In dramatic testimony lasting five days, the victim said he gave her black magic baths, for which he charged $150, to rid her of evil spirits, then ordered her to stand up and drip dry while he rubbed her naked body with brown ointment.
Anthony Robbins, Lawrence's lawyer, said he was disappointed with the jury's verdict and his client is considering an appeal. He said he disagreed with the Crown's assertion that sex between the pastor and his parishioner could never be consensual.
"My concern is that the jury found that (the complainant) could not be believed beyond a reasonable doubt in respect of all but one of her allegations," he said. "It is going to be up to the judge to find which of the numerous (alleged) sexual assaults the jury convicted her on. She claimed constant sexual abuse over a nine-month period."
The victim testified her mother first brought her to the pastor when she was 17, because she had constant vomiting and splitting headaches. She said that in 2003, when she was in her mid-20s, he allowed her to stay at his home because she was desperate for a place to live. Shortly after, he forced his attentions on her, she testified.
Lawrence returns for a sentencing hearing on Feb. 28.
prussianz 2008/1/13 13:49
i'm also going to be 最聽上帝嘅 , too ,   , cause : :::::
i'm also going to be 生養眾多佈滿了地


any real devout Christian lady may b better to call me now !

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prussianz 2008/1/13 16:04
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2007年09月08日 08:19

    美國加州聖地亞哥天主教會7日同意向144起神父性侵害事件受害人支付1.98億美元的賠償。據報道,這一協議是主管教區、律師和提出指稱的受害人經過兩天的談判達成的。協議為4年多來的法律糾紛 ...

>>>> 美國天主教會
>>>> 再
>>>> 度
>>>> 支付近2億美元用於性侵害賠償

here's where your donation$$$$$$$$$ come finally

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prussianz 2008/1/13 16:12
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>>>> 美國天主教會
>>>> 再
>>>> 度
>>>> 支付近2億美元用於性侵害賠償

here's where your donation$$$$$$$$$ come finally

it may b comparable to the problem of `````````sub-prime"""""""" ,
an other black-hole ,
sooner or later there may b once again an other similar case as this
>>>> 再
>>>> 度
>>>> 支付近2億美元用於性侵害賠償

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prussianz 2008/1/13 19:12
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Cleric From Darien Admits Stealing Church's Money

NEW HAVEN - A former Darien pastor pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of church money by setting up secret bank ac ...

this case ,
probably only a tip of 'the iceberg ,
99.xx% of which 's potentially lying beneath the sea-levels , i.e. invisible ,
who knows ??
God knows
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