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dye 2008/4/22 15:19
You are taking a psychological influence to be spiritual?  That is different.

Consider the typial con-artist game, if this is spiritual, I am an Angel.

A 'doctor' is administrating you a bottle of water. (One of the 'alternate medicine popular in UK)
You drink it believing it is medicine.
You feel your sickness is heal afterward.


A Benny Hinn is telling you that God is going to heal your asthma.
You believe him
You feel your sickness is heal afterward.

Do you realize that the person do not need to be prayed for to have the effect?

In any case, playing with placebo is part of medical treatment too.  Only that science tells people the limitation of the technique.

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口琴王 2008/4/22 16:04
原帖由 prussianz 於 2008-4-22 08:10 發表


,,,,,,,,, 我不敢轻于汝等,汝等皆当作佛!'''''''''

我很喜歡 這句話,是 口琴王 哥哥 作的,

my own version designed for you : :::::
,,,,,,,,, 我不敢轻汝,汝皆当作佛!'''''''''




过去有佛,号威音王,神智无量,将导一切, 天人龙神、所共供养。是佛灭后,法欲尽时, 有一菩萨、名常不轻。时诸四众、计著于法。 不轻菩萨、往到其所,而语之言,我不轻汝, 汝等行道,皆当作佛。诸人闻已,轻毁骂詈, 不轻菩萨,能忍受之。其罪毕已,临命终时, 得闻此经,六根清净,神通力故,增益寿命, 复为诸人,广说是经。诸著法众,皆蒙菩萨, 教化成就、令住佛道。不轻命终,值无数佛, 说是经故,得无量福,渐具功德,疾成佛道。 彼时不轻,则我身是。时四部众、著法之者, 闻不轻言、汝当作佛,以是因缘,值无数佛。 此会菩萨、五百之众,并及四部,清信士女, 今于我前,听法者是。我于前世,劝是诸人, 听受斯经,第一之法。开示教人,令住涅槃, 世世受持,如是经典。亿亿万劫,至不可议, 时乃得闻,是法华经。亿亿万劫,至不可议, 诸佛世尊、时说是经。是故行者、于佛灭后, 闻如是经,勿生疑惑。应当一心、广说此经, 世世值佛,疾成佛道。

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dye 2008/4/22 16:29
I look at his website.  I look at the section concerning vaccination and go "This is bull"

Vaccination (as a technique) works.  It is proven by numerous experiment and field works.  If he disagrees, please try to learn about it first.

If he still disagree, I suggest he publish a paper on medical journal and get the next Nobel Prize/Shaw Award.

For example, 病毒打进了人体之后是否真的会产生抗体?
It can be demonstrated by vacination and a blood test afterward.

Same as above.

Same as above.
口琴王 2008/4/22 16:47
龍井樹 2008/4/22 21:58
dye 很多字連字典都沒有的, 我通常都懶得讀.
抽刀斷水 2008/4/23 02:04
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Nomad 2008/4/23 07:40
>The major weakness of Chinese medicine as I remember is that fact that they are poisonous in a long run (that is, the medicine will accumulate in you and kills you in the end).  It is a reasonable result for a medical field that is developed without vigorous scientific observation.

Actually, I heard, and personally, saw the reverse - western medicine often ignores long term effect, and heavily rely on techniques that basically abandons part of your body, also medicine corporations are very reluctant to give study to very long term effects (like things happens after, say 20 years) that are neither trival nor easily done in the lab. (In fact, they won't even study for a possible treatment for some stomach ache with anti-biotics when the bio-physics studies so clearly shows that it was caused by a parasite.)
(Seriously, you'll never get to know how disgustingly unprofessional that industry actually is, it really works only because of all the crazy regulations... yet the regulations prevents competition and fuel more unprofessionalness in the industry.)

As far as I know the greatest problem in Chinese medicine are rather the following:

1. That it fails to treat very urgent situations - say, Chinese clinical message can manage your pain without the use of medicine, but can't help your arms when it's cut off. (western surgeons though, have amazing skills at reconnecting dismembered limbs) Similarly, if you're sick to the point of requiring instant medical attention, don't go for the Chinese doctor - their medicine often takes days to work.
2. The quality of Chinese medicine heavily depends on the skill of the doctor - while western medicine have very, very standardized education (to the point where they can train an absolute idiot into your General Doctor in the clinic), Chinese medicine is still seeking that standard language. So while the very skillful doctor may get your asthma without you ever knowing it, the bad one ... well, ranges from killing you 20 years later to killing you the very night you drink his medicine. Guess that's the "long term poison effect" you're talking about. (Often times your statement could mean eating some vegetable can kill you 20 years later ... which is often times what Chinese medicine is)

In fact my Chinese family doctor teaches courses in CUHK, did have this very famous quote: "Nobody knows who is making your medicine and where and how it's made. That's why there're too many fraud medicine everywhere in the world." Well, as good an manifestation of Buddha's teaching it is, I still keep my doctor's word in mind.
prussianz 2008/4/23 08:25
原帖由 秀雲 於 2008-4-22 10:07 發表

小姐 對 基教,

雖有不滿 , 但仍客觀,;--^)


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當然,反效果也是效果,這不正說明了心靈的力量嗎?有反效果當然也有正效果,只不過在基教中萬里挑一。不過基教那么多的見證也不一定全是說謊吧。 ...

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dye 2008/4/23 09:01
a) There is a post marketing safety survellience.  No such mechanism is known for Chinese medicine for such a long time.  In mordern medicine, they know about the side effect.

b) Chinese medicine also have branches that deal with emergency.  They have fascinating drug to stop bleeding if you servere your arm (Yun Nan Bai Yau).  

c) If it is modern medicine, someone do know where and how it is made.  It has a manufacturing address, code, and a scientific method.  It has enough information to let you trace back to which batch (whenever you need to know)  Typically on a mordern medicine (besides the code and manufacturer's name)

For Chinese medicine, it depends on which medicine and what company you are buying from. (Typically how it looks like when it is sold, do you have the slightest idea where it is made?)

d) For economic incentive, both are similiar.  At least mordern medicine manufacturer has a reputation to keep, it will give them some incentive to think long term, Chinese medicine are mostly collected some unknown fellow...  If everything depends on a single person ability, and a person only live for 70years (30 years of practise), the person incentive will only be 30 years.  Wheras a company has infinite lifetime, its incentive will be forever at a decreasing rate as risk demolish it.

When mordern medicine causes a side effect, you complain and turn to alternative.  When Chinese medicine causes a side effect, you go to a hospital.

When Chinese medicine goes through the scientific trial and demonstrate it works, it becomes part of mordern medicine (some already has).  When they fail, they remain to be.. Chinese medicine.

Don't be mistaken, quite a number of Chinese medicine is not 'herbal' at all.  They are animals (or parts of an animal)

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